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Local facilities

Inxent is a small village (180 people) and has no shops. It does have a good restaurant though, the Auberge The auberge is mentioned in Elizabeth David's "French provincial cooking" very favourably, and the menu is still much the same !

The nearest food shop is at Montcavrel (4 km) - about 20 minutes by bike. It is open from 9-12.30 and 2-7, except for Tuesdays and Sunday afternoons.

The nearest big shops are in Montreuil sur Mer (10 km). There are two supermarkets (Leclerc and Carrefour) both selling petrol, as well as a range of shops in the town centre. There is a market on Saturday mornings.

The nearest baker is at Neuville (9 km) where there is also a general food shop and a pharmacy.

Health care. Heaven forfend you should need it but if you do my GP is very good and appointments are easy to arrange. The pharmacy at Neuville is also very helpful. The local system has also had to cope (successfully) with a heart attack and a stroke. UK visitors should be sure (following Brexit) to bring E111/EHIC and probably insurance.

Beware Sundays. Very few shops open, the exception being a Carrefour "local" in Montreuil. During the summer months the big Carrefour and the Leclerc in Montreuil are open on Sunday mornings.

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