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Come and stay chez Dick

As well as building a house for myself in France, I have built a second, detached building which contains my garage, my workshop, and my guest rooms - chambres d'ami in French.

I would be delighted to offer you this little gite in the French countryside for a night, a weekend, or longer - rent free. The gite is self-contained, with 2 bedrooms (one double, the other with 2 single beds, one of which can turn into a double), shower room, and kitchen/dining room with fridge, hob and oven. My own house is only 20 metres away, and I am always happy to cook for you.

Gone electric ? I now have an electric car, so there is electric charging available for visitors as well ! If you want to use this facility please bring a cable suitable for connection to a domestic socket - unless your car is a Renault Zoe.

Just Arrived We have built extra accommodation down by the river in the form of a "summerhouse" (basically a wooden tent without a loo or a kitchen) that will sleep 2.

If you want to see my house, try here.

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